Retired Police Officer Has Firearms Seized Under Connecticut’s “red flag” Law

First his daughter had died in 2015, and then his wife had died two days earlier while in hospice care in their living room. A medical technician had come to take away her hospital bed early the next day, and McGuire told the man he wanted to burn down his house and shoot himself. “What else do I have to lose?”

After his family died, he threatened to kill himself. So the police took his guns.

by Eli Saslow March 17 Email the author

LISBON, Conn. — John McGuire was inside his house with 81 guns when five state troopers were dispatched to investigate a threat he had reportedly made. Continue reading


Brazilians Discover When The Government Disarms Law-Abiding Citizens Only The Criminals Are Armed

People Are Ready to Buy Some Guns in the World’s Murder Capital

By David Biller

March 20, 2018, 6:00 AM EDT

  • Brazil has the highest number of homicides of any nation
  • Opposition to strict gun laws rises as violence increases

In the world’s most murderous country, gun control is starting to lose its appeal.

Desperate Brazilians are wondering whether they’d be better off armed, given that around 60,000 of their compatriots are killed each year. Polls show support for gun ownership gaining ground. In an election year, politicians are paying attention.

One of the candidates leading the field for October’s 2018 presidential election — hardline conservative Jair Bolsonaro — has promised to allow law-abiding citizens to arm themselves Continue reading

Pa. Republican state legislator moves to impeach four state Supreme Court justices

Pa. Republican state legislator moves to impeach four state Supreme …

Fundraising feud continues between groups that helped wounded …

lehighvalleylive.com20 hours ago
A state police booster group won’t seek damages against a rival group that raised money to help the family of wounded Pennsylvania state trooper Seth Kelly. But the booster group won’t drop its lawsuit, either. The group PSP Strong stopped an effort by Plainfield Township resident Nolan Kemmerer to sell …

SCOTUS refuses to intervene on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s newly discovered power to redraw congressional district boundaries

All five Democrats on the state Supreme Court said the map violated the state constitution

Federal judges reject lawsuit over Pennsylvania district map

Updated 1:58 PM; Posted 1:29 PM

By Mark Scolforo, The Associated Press

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — A panel of federal judges on Monday dismissed a legal challenge by Republican congressmen to a district map imposed last month by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Continue reading

Definition of bigot


big·ot \ˈbiɡət/ noun

a man, a woman, or a LGBTQWTFEIEIO who does not wholly support illegal immigration and/or sanctuary cities

synonyms: racist, Xenophobe

Los Alamitos votes to opt out of California sanctuary law

By Roxana Kopetman | | Orange County Register

PUBLISHED: March 19, 2018 at 6:47 pm | UPDATED: March 20, 2018 at 10:14 am

Orange County’s second-smallest city voted Monday night to exempt itself from California’s so-called sanctuary law, which limits cooperation between local agencies and federal immigration authorities.

The Los Alamitos City Council voted 4-1 following more than two hours of heated testimony from residents on both sides of the issue.

While the crowd had dwindled both in and outside the chamber when the vote came, people erupted in cheers after the vote and began chanting “USA.” Continue reading

PSP eliminates polygraphs for applicants. Is that lowering standards …

ABC27Mar 7, 2018
Ryan says there are currently about 4,200 troopers, but there should be 4,800. Ryan believes PSP stopped giving polygraph tests to incoming cadets to increase their ranks. “We’re hearing behind the scenes from other state police officers that that’s the reason it was abandoned,” Ryan said. “That there …