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A day in the life of a criminal investigator


 DuBOIS – In the world of law enforcement, criminal investigators are one of the many faces who work behind the scenes to solve crimes.

Shawn Compton is one of two criminal investigators working for the DuBois-based state police. Compton has been a criminal investigator for three years. He said his uncle was a state police officer and he was always interested in a career in law enforcement but at the time, it was very difficult to get into the state police academy.

Compton graduated from the state police academy in May 1998. He was assigned to the Clearfield-based state police as a patrol officer and was transferred to the DuBois-based state police in September 2001. Although Compton investigated crimes as a patrol officer, he wanted to become involved in more in-depth investigations and he applied for the position of criminal investigator when it opened. Continue reading