PA State Police Ceremonial Unit: “…utmost respect and honor.”

State police color guard draws praise

PA State Police Ceremonial Unit

PA State Police Ceremonial Unit

March 24. 2008

I want to praise the participation of state police in the funeral of one of their own at Dusckas Funeral Home March 4. Stephen Saber was a retired state police corporal with more than 35 years of service.

The following troopers were part of the color guard: Sgt. Robert Clark (Erie), Trooper James Francic (Franklin), and Troopers Jeffrey Brock and Thomas Plunkard (Pittsburgh). The commanding officer in charge of the color guard patrol was Capt. Mark E. Schau (Erie).

Observing the performance of these officers at the funeral home, church and cemetery was very impressive.

They folded the flag draping the coffin and presented it to their captain, who in turn presented it to Cpl. Saber’s wife, Christine.

They carried out their duties with the utmost respect and honor. My congratulations to state police for the tribute.

Michael Bokoch

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