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HB 2563 would require local governments over 10,000 whose law enforcement services come from the Pennsylvania State Police to pay the Commonwealth a $100 per resident fee.

State police protection could become costly for some Delco towns

By: ALEX ROSE, arose@delcotimes.com07/04/2008

“Larger municipalities that depend on the state police for local law enforcement don’t have to levy taxes to maintain their own police force,” said state Rep. James Casorio, D-56, of Westmoreland, in a release. “That’s unfair to large communities that do provide local police protection, and unfair to residents across Pennsylvania who are paying taxes for the state police to provide local law enforcement in someone else’s community. Continue reading

2nd trooper charged by feds with obstructing prostitution investigation

Trooper indicted in probe of sex ring

Officer 2nd charged in prostitution inquiry

Friday, July 04, 2008

BY PETE SHELLEM / Of The Patriot-News

A second state police trooper has been charged by federal authorities with obstructing a nationwide prostitution investigation, allegedly tipping off pimps and prostitutes about the investigation in return for sexual favors. Continue reading