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Pittsburgh Tribuine-Review: Elect Lou Barletta

11th Congressional District: Republican Lou Barletta vs. Democrat incumbent Paul Kanjorski

Mr. Barletta is the courageous mayor of Hazleton, where he was one of the first mayors in the nation to take a stand in the critical battle against the invasion of illegal aliens. He faces one of the true dinosaurs of the House in Mr. Kanjorski, seeking his 13th term. They also met in 2002; Kanjorski handily dispatched Barletta.

But the smell of scandal has enveloped Kanjorski as more and more information about his earmarks to troubled Cornerstone Technologies, run by relatives, comes to light. It’s time for the dinosaur to go to the museum. Elect Lou Barletta.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Editorial, Thursday, October 30, 2008