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“U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals prohibits officers from deploying Tasers in a host of scenarios”

Federal court restricts Taser use by police

Ninth Circuit ruling — allowing an officer to be held liable for injuries a man suffered after being Tasered — sets a precedent that may force agencies to revisit their policies.

By Joel Rubin and Richard Winton /

December 30, 2009

A federal appeals court this week ruled that a California police officer can be held liable for injuries suffered by an unarmed man he Tasered during a traffic stop. The decision, if allowed to stand, would set a rigorous legal precedent for when police are permitted to use the weapons and would force some law enforcement agencies throughout the state — and presumably the nation — to tighten their policies governing Taser use, experts said. Continue reading

“[S]tate police continue to investigate Tanger’s actions in terms of state police directives”

State Police Leadership Reacts to Trooper’s Charges

12/30/09 5:52 pm   |   reporter: Amy Kehm   producer: Megan Healey

Harrisburg, Pa. – Pennsylvania State Police leadership is reacting to the arrest of one of its own. On Tuesday, the State Police Internal Affairs Unit arrested Trooper Barry Tangert. Continue reading

PA Supreme Court sides with state workers, rules against Gov. Rendell’s position on “payless” paydays

Court: PA employees should have been paid

December 29, 1:59 PM Harrisburg Political Buzz Examiner, Kevin Cramsey

Well, what do you know, “payless” paydays are not unfair to employees, they are unconstitutional. Continue reading

PSP, Internal Affairs files charges against Trooper Barry R. Tangert Jr.

Harrisburg trooper faces threats charges in Cumberland County

Heather Stauffer, Sentinel Reporter,  /  December 29, 2009

A state police trooper in the Harrisburg barracks has been suspended without pay on charges of trying to influence a case, according to state police. Continue reading

[Rep. Tom Caltagirone, D-Reading,] said he has attempted to garner support from Gov. Ed Rendell’s office. “It’s like talking to a wall…”

Pennsylvania state trooper shortage predicted

By Brad Bumsted
Monday, December 28, 2009
Last updated: 5:50 pm

HARRISBURG — The state budget doesn’t contain any funding for a new cadet class of state troopers and the prospects for hiring troopers with tight budgets over the next few years are bleak, lawmakers and the head of the troopers union said today. Continue reading

“[M]unicipalities that rely solely on the state police would pay an annual per capita fee of $156.”

State police fees remain hot issue

By Robert Swift (Harrisburg Bureau Chief)
Published: December 28, 2009

HARRISBURG – Tough fiscal times are rekindling a debate over whether local municipalities without their own police departments should pay a fee for law enforcement protection from state troopers. Continue reading

“Autenrieth shot and killed Miller and wounded Trooper Robert Lombardo.”

Emily Gross pleads not guilty to federal charges she supplied gun Daniel Autenrieth used to kill Trooper Joshua Miller

By Michael Buck /

December 28, 2009, 1:56PM

Emily Gross of Westfield, N.J., made the plea Dec. 17 before U.S. District Judge L. Felipe Restrepo, according to court papers. She is charged with making false statements in connection with the purchase of a firearm and aiding and abetting a prohibited person to possess a firearm. Continue reading

“But you do worry that at some point that the violence from Latin America starts to spill over so aggressively that law enforcement is overwhelmed,” said Maricopa, AZ County Attorney Andrew Thomas

Phoenix’s kidnappings on track to decrease modestly in 2009, decline attributed to enforcement

JACQUES BILLEAUD Associated Press Writer /

December 27, 2009 | 10:32 a.m.

PHOENIX (AP) — Abductions in Phoenix, known as America’s kidnapping capital, were on track to decrease modestly in 2009, said police who attributed the expected decline to better efforts at targeting the drug and immigrant smugglers who are committing a majority of those crimes. Continue reading

Should a PA homeowner be “obligated to retreat if confronted by an attacker”? State Rep. Paul Clymer says, No.

Opponents target gun legislation       


Bucks County Courier Times

The measure would allow citizens to stand their ground and use deadly force to fend off an attacker. Opponents call it shoot first legislation. Continue reading

Hazle Township man files lawsuit against seven Pennsylvania State Police troopers

Hazle Twp. man claims troopers beat him

By Jill Whalen (Staff Writer)  /

Published: December 26, 2009

A Hazle Township man filed a lawsuit against seven Pennsylvania State Police troopers in federal court, claiming they beat him when he came to the aid of a township woman who was being assaulted. Continue reading