North Carolina: Illegal aliens commit more than seven child sex assaults per day

North Carolina: Illegal aliens commit more than seven child sex assaults per day
Dave Gibson Immigration Reform Examiner
June 4, 2014
During the month of May 2014, there were more than 230 charges of sex crimes against children filed against illegal aliens in the state of North Carolina. These dastardly acts which rob children of their innocence, and forever change their lives are being committed in both rural and urban areas, across the Tarheel state.
Unfortunately, this is nothing new. In fact, hundreds of such crimes are committed every single month in North Carolina by those who have no right to be in this country.
Since January 1, there have been nearly 1,300 sex crimes against children attributable to illegal aliens in that state.
Once again, this reporter owes a debt of gratitude to the citizen/law enforcement advocacy group known as NCFIRE for scouring booking logs, court dockets and police reports across the state for the following list of illegal aliens who have been charged with sex crimes against children in North Carolina, during the previous month (This is only a partial list):
Court Date: 05/01/2014
Charge(s): Two counts of first-degree sexual offense w/child, two counts of first-degree rape, kidnapping
County: WAKE
Court Date: 05/19/2014
Charge(s): Three counts of felony child abuse (sexual act)
Court Date: 05/12/2014
Charge(s): Two counts of statutory rape

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