“More than half the suspects that have so far been detained over the attacks in Cologne are asylum seekers.”

Cologne [Germany] police chief to resign after wave of attacks against women
THE police chief of Cologne is to resign amid growing fury over a wave of attacks and sexual assaults against women on New Year’s Eve.
By Selina Sykes & Allan Hall
PUBLISHED: 15:33, Fri, Jan 8, 2016 | UPDATED: 17:07, Fri, Jan 8, 2016

German police have faced a barrage of criticism after scores of women were attacked and robbed
Police chief Wolfgang Albers has been relieved of his duties “to restore public trust in the police” following sharp criticism of his handling of the attacks in the city, state government source said.
German police have faced a barrage of criticism after over a hundred women were robbed, attacked or sexually assaulted during new year celebrations outside the city’s cathedral by as many as 1,000 drunk, aggressive men described as of “Arab or North African origin”.
Terrified women were subjected to the humiliating and terrifying attacks which were likened to ‘running the gauntlet’ in an internal police report.
Mr Albers, 60, was informed by the state interior minister Ralf Jaeger he would be given early retirement, according to the source.
An official announcement is expected later today.
Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker suggested police had held back information from her and that her “trust in the Cologne police leadership is significantly shaken.”
Scores of women from three German cities have come forward saying they were victims of the shocking crimes, which included rape, sexual assault and robbery.
The majority of the attacks took place in Cologne, where police have received 121 criminal complaints – three quarters of which were sexual assault.
Crowds outside Cologne Main Station on New Year’s Eve
Similar attacks were reported in Hamburg, where 30 complaints were filed, and in Stuttgart.
More than half the suspects that have so far been detained over the attacks in Cologne are asylum seekers.
More horror sex attack claims: Teen girls gang-raped by four Syrian nationals in Germany
Did German police cover up refugee involvement in Cologne sex attacks on NYE?
• NYE sex attacks in Finland reported after police were tipped off immigrants would strike

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