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Survey of Pittsburgh police officers shows ‘no confidence’ in chief

Tribune-Review – ‎Sep 12, 2016‎
1 confirmed that a majority of the police union members who took part in the vote – which was available as a one-question survey on the FOP website starting Aug. 20 – indicated they have no confidence in McLay’s leadership. Of the FOP’s active members, ..

Opinions divided over whether Pittsburgh police chief’s DNC appearance was political

Tribune-Review – ‎Sep 2, 2016‎
Pittsburgh police Chief Cameron McLay didn’t violate city codes or police policies by speaking in uniform at the Democratic National Convention because the convention was not a “campaign” event, a report concluded — a finding the president of the city
Citizen Police Review Board, Executive Director Beth Pittinger concludes:  “I don’t think it can be disputed that a gathering of elected delegates at a partisan convention for the sole purpose of influencing the outcome of an election can be construed as anything but partisan political activity,”