EXCLUSIVE: Wanted New York and New Jersey bomb suspect sued his local police claiming they PERSECUTED him for being a Muslim

  • Ahmad Rahami filed federal lawsuit claiming cops in Elizabeth, New Jersey subjected his and his family to discrimination and ‘selective enforcement’ 
  • Rahimis claimed that police tried to shut down their chicken restaurant too early each night with ‘baseless’ tickets and summonses
  • Ahmad, 28, his father Mohammad Sr, 53, and his brother Mohammad, brought the lawsuit together in 2011
  • They said that local residents also racially abused them and said: ‘Muslims don’t belong here’
  • The Rahamis claimed ‘discrimination’, ‘false arrest’ and ‘abuse of process’ that left them suffering distress, embarrassment and damage
  • Ahmad Rahimi is wanted by FBI over attacks in New York and New Jersey on Saturday

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