Media That Warned Of Trump Riots Now Covers Hillary ‘Protests’

Rachel Stoltzfoos

News outlets that warned of violent riots from Donald Trump supporters if Hillary Clinton won the White House are now all but lauding the people “protesting” his victory.

The New York Times was reporting on the potential for a literal “revolution” attempt by Trump supporters if Clinton won the White House about a week before the election. “The crowds appeared on edge and quick to lash out,” the story read.

Now the crowds that are actually lashing out are Clinton supporters. “Thousands of people across the country marched, shut down highways, burned effigies and shouted angry slogans on Wednesday night to protest the election of Donald J. Trump as president,” reports The New York Times.


A week ahead of the election, The Washington Post featured a little-known militia group called the Oath Keepers in its coverage of the dangers of a Trump loss. “Race riots, terrorist attacks and martial law: Oath Keepers warn of post-election chaos,” the headline blared. The reporter didn’t hesitate to explicitly tie the group to Trump, although the group identifies as non-partisan.

“The only thing Americans can expect on Election Day, the speakers repeatedly emphasized, is the unexpected,” reported The Washington Post, along with a long list of scary quotes from the group.

Now the paper is running story after story on the angry mobs protesting Trump’s victory.

NBC News ran a story about the “dangerous tone” of Trump-inspired election pranks in the weeks leading up to the election, but is now reporting on the “inspired” protests of his victory happening across the country.

Clinton supporters across the country have been reported beating up white people, burning American flags, vandalizing private property, threatening to assassinate Trump, and shouting violent slogans such as “Die Whites Die” and “Kill Trump.”
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