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Illegal Previously Released in March 2013 Having Been Convicted Of Indecent Assault On A 7-Year-Old Girl As Per Philadelphia’s Sanctuary City Policy Is Now In Custody, Charged With Raping A Child


Undocumented immigrant Ramon Aguirre-Ochoa a/k/a Juan Ramon Vasquez is in custody, charged with raping a child. He has been in custody before, but released because Philadelphia is a Sanctuary City.

How a man here illegally got released, to be arrested again

Updated: August 8, 2016 — 7:26 PM EDT

Let me introduce you to someone you don’t really want to know.

His name is Ramon Aguirre-Ochoa, or maybe Juan Ramon Vasquez – he uses aliases, which makes him hard to find in court records. His date of birth also is fluid, he has more than one. We are sure of his address since July 26 – Curran Fromhold Correctional Facility, where he is awaiting trial for raping a child.

He is in the country illegally, or “undocumented” as the Politically Correct say, so as to not hurt the feelings of those who break our laws.

He’s from Honduras and this isn’t his first illegal visit to Philadelphia. Continue reading

Obama Admin Fines Police Dept For Not Hiring Non-Citizens | The …


Nov 21, 2016 – Denver’s sheriff department has been slapped with a fine by the Obama administration for refusing to hire non-citizens as police.