Muslim Immigrant Family Has History Of False Reports To Law Enforcement

Muslim parents force daughter, 18, to shave her head for ‘going out drinking and having Christian boyfriend’ – and lying to cops about Trump supporters’ racial attack to cover her tracks

  • Yasmin Seweid, 18, was arrested on Wednesday for filing a false police report
  • She claimed she was attacked by three Donald Trump supporters in New York
  • Seweid told police she was called a ‘terrorist’ on a subway train on December 1 
  • College student later posted about the ‘traumatizing’ ordeal on Facebook
  • Went missing for days afterwards sparking a frantic missing person’s appeal
  • She was arrested on Wednesday and charged with making her story up
  • Sources say it was so cover up for a late night out drinking with friends
  • Her older brother Abdoul was charged with lying to police in 2012
  • He told them he was assaulted but was later charged with breaking into cars

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