“We are not debating immigration policy here; we are debating whether we are a nation at all.”

Rogue judges undermine our sovereignty. Here’s how Congress can stop them.

By: Daniel Horowitz | February 05, 2017

…this judge openly violated the Constitution and made no effort to respect the law. He threw out the sovereignty of a nation without addressing a single statute, constitutional clause, and 200 years of the most settled case law, permitting Congress and the president to exclude entire classes of immigrants in a much more sweeping policy than what Trump enacted…

By issuing this ruling, Judge Robart and several others are not only overturning Trump’s executive order, but they are also saying that even if Congress were to pass a similar law it would be unconstitutional…

…if the courts are not stripped of their ill-gotten jurisdiction over immigration, the ACLU and the far Left will be able to shop around for any number of extremely liberal judges to place a national injunction on any enforcement act, even related to illegal immigrants.

– See more at: https://www.conservativereview.com/commentary/2017/02/rogue-judges-undermine-our-sovereignty-heres-how-congress-can-stop-them#sthash.0nJnVLb2.dpuf


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