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Obama, Holder, Lynch et al. War On Cops – Hit & Run National Media Long Gone

Baltimore Commissioner Kevin Davis Calls Out Judges

Commissioner Kevin Davis: Criminals “do not fear arrest”

ABC2 News – ‎14 hours ago‎

BALTIMORE – In addressing escalating Baltimore City violence Tuesday, Police Commissioner Kevin Davis had tough words for judges who let criminals out of jail. “Worst case scenario, they’re going to get a finger wagged at them,” Davis said of gun …

Obama, Holder, Lynch et al. War On Cops – Time For The Lawyers To Cash In

Baltimore civil rights monitor applications present a choice: Local knowledge or national expertise

Baltimore Sun7 hours ago
The more than two dozen teams vying to monitor the court-ordered civil rights reforms at the Baltimore Police Department give the city a choice of two different paths: drawing on people with deep local knowledge or hiring a group with a track record in other big cities.
The proposed budgets for the monitor’s office range from $5 million to $7.4 million for five years’ work. The overall cost of implementing the reforms in that period is budgeted to be $41.5 million.
Under President Barack Obama, the Justice Department used civil rights investigations and consent decrees to bring changes to local police departments. But current Attorney General Jeff Sessions has questioned their value and ordered a review.