Daily Archives: 1, September 1, 2017

…a refreshing change from… a “constant drumbeat of criticism and villainization of police officers” under the Obama administration.

In Trump, local law enforcement sees a steadfast ally

WASHINGTON (AP) — When Attorney General Jeff Sessions told local police departments they could once again have access to free grenade launchers and large-caliber weapons cast off from the U.S. military, law enforcement groups checked another item off their wish lists.

Seven months into President Donald Trump’s administration, police groups are reveling in what they see as newfound support from the federal government. The administration, which touts a “law and order” agenda, has revived a controversial program that lets local police seize cash and property with federal help and pulled back on federal scrutiny of local law enforcement.

Sessions, who has overseen most of the administration’s law enforcement initiatives, views federal support of local police as key to driving down recent spikes in violence in some cities, a top priority of the Justice Department.

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