Iraq War Veteran: Media ‘B*tching’ About Separation of Illegals, ‘My Brigade Deployed 22 Months’… missed two years of their kids’ birthdays

Iraq war veteran J.R. Salzman is slamming the establishment media for complaining that illegal alien adults were separated from their border crossing children for up to three months.

The New York Times’ latest report, which was shared by Times columnist Carl Zimmer, alleges that some border crossing children did not recognize their illegal alien parents after being temporarily separated at the border.

Salzman, who served in Iraq, slammed the complaints from the media regarding the separation of illegal alien families, noting that the time border crossing family units were separated pales in comparison to how long many American men and women were separated from their loved ones during the Iraq war.

“F-ck. Off. My brigade was deployed for 22 months straight thanks to the Iraq War surge,” Salzman said on Twitter. “Guys missed two years of their kids’ birthdays, and you’re bitching about illegal immigrant families being separated for three months? Are you serious with this bullshit?”

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