How’s Baltimore Doing Anyway After Obama, Holder, and The Hit & Run National Media Fixed The Police Department?

Demonstrators jump on a damaged Baltimore police department vehicle during clashes in Baltimore

Baltimore’s homicide rate is highest among United States’ big cities
Baltimore has the worst homicide rate among the nation’s big cities, according to crime data released Monday by the FBI. There were 342 homicides in Baltimore last year, 56 per 100,000 people …

Baltimore Police Agree to Stop Abusing Their Power

“It is not a coincidence that the agreement between Baltimore and the Justice Department arrives in the final 10 days of the Obama administration. DOJ consent decrees have proven to be one of the most common, and most consistently effective, tools for forcing police departments to reform themselves and end abuses, particularly with regards to unfair police practices toward African Americans.”


POLICE DEPARTMENT OF BALTIMORE CITY, et. al., Defendants. … CONSENT DECREE Case 1:17-cv-00099-JKB Document 2-2 Filed 01/12/17 Page 1 of 227 …

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