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While Thousands Of Foreigners March North Vowing To Invade The USA; Social Justice Football League Players Argue The Best Way To Demonstrate How Unjust The USA Is Towards People Like The Ones Marching North

Caravan of 4,000 Military-Style Migrants, Money Being Handed Out

Caravan of 4,000 Military-Style Migrants

Panthers’ Eric Reid angrily confronts the Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins before labeling him a ‘sellout’ and ‘neo-colonialist’ for not kneeling during the national anthem… sparking praise from Colin Kaepernick

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How’s Baltimore Doing? “On Tuesday alone, 11 people were shot and three died.”

Jan 12, 2017

Under a consent decree with the [obama] U.S. Department of Justice, the troubled force will employ a variety of measures to protect constitutional rights and correct racial disparities.

October 2018

Baltimore police commissioner reassigns 230 officers to patrol to combat recent violence spike

About 230 Baltimore police officers assigned to administrative duties will leave their offices for patrol work as the police department seeks to combat a spike in violence across the city. Baltimore

Baltimore Sun|6 days ago

“Davis was on probation for a January 2017 conviction for firing a gun at a car in Chadbourn in June 2015”

Second suspect arrested in killing of Trooper Kevin Conner in Columbus County

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By Alfred Charles, online managing editor

Raheem Cole Dashanell Davis

Raheem Cole Dashanell Davis

Whiteville, N.C. — A second suspect has been arrested in connection with the killing last week of state Highway Patrol Trooper Kevin Conner last week in Columbus County, authorities said Tuesday. Continue reading

Showing support for the police or the American Flag is considered racist and insensitive to “African-Americans [who] are the backbone of the Democratic Party”

Local Democratic Party forces executive director to resign over pro-flag, pro-cop social media posts

Three separate Facebook posts from Salvas‘ account are reportedly what caused his ouster. The first was from last year, where Salvas posted a picture of himself and his wife with the message …

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