While Thousands Of Foreigners March North Vowing To Invade The USA; Social Justice Football League Players Argue The Best Way To Demonstrate How Unjust The USA Is Towards People Like The Ones Marching North

Caravan of 4,000 Military-Style Migrants, Money Being Handed Out

Caravan of 4,000 Military-Style Migrants

Panthers’ Eric Reid angrily confronts the Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins before labeling him a ‘sellout’ and ‘neo-colonialist’ for not kneeling during the national anthem… sparking praise from Colin Kaepernick

  • Safeties for Eagles and Panthers met for a tense exchange before game started 
  • Reid needed to be restrained by teammates as he yelled at Jenkins
  • Two men have been feuding since Players Coalition struck deal with NFL
  • Coalition was promised by owners almost $100million to tackle social issues
  • In exchange, owners wanted players to refrain from protesting during anthem
  • Reid was angry because Jenkins intentionally left Kaepernick out 

flag protest raised fistsjfl kneel protest

Two National Football League stars on opposing teams had to be separated before a game on Sunday over long-simmering tensions related to the national anthem protests…


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