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Border Patrol agents have been critically injured [and killed] By ROCKS

Any Politician, ACLU Lier, TV Newsreader, “Journalist” Et. al Who Doesn’t Consider A Rock A Deadly Weapon Take A Little Leaguer To A Little League Field With A Bucket Of Baseball Sized Rocks, You Stand In The Batters Box And Have The Little Leaguer Go To The Pitchers Mound With The Bucket, Then Instruct The Little Leaguer To Throw The Rocks As Fast As They Can At Your Head. 

Dangerous Rock Attacks on Border Patrol Agents Are Up; Chopper Brought Down by Rock in ‘79

July 20, 2011 Homeland Security Today

Assaults by illegals, coyotes and narco-smugglers using large chunks of rock on US Border Patrol agents enforcing the US/Mexico border continues to escalate.

These attacks can be life-threatening. In some instances, Border Patrol agents have been critically injured [and killed] when struck in the face or head. Continue reading

The atrocities committed by the Japanese military during World War II are so brutal that it is almost impossible to comprehend them.

Kansas Recalls 731 License Plates Over Ethnic Slur Complaint

Kansas is recalling hundreds of vehicle license plates on the streets containing the “JAP” lettering in the wake of complaints that they are offensive to Japanese Americans. The Kansas Department …