Moving On From Our Statues And Monuments It’s Now Been Discovered That The Pledge of Allegiance Is An Expression “of nativism and white nationalism.” Tomorrow?

It’s Understandable If You Are Offended By A Teenager Wearing A Hat But If Our Flag Is Burned, Our Historical Monuments Are Torn Down, Our National Anthem And Pledge of Allegiance Is Mocked And Disrespected Well That’s Just Free Speech And An Understandable Reaction To The Racist, Xenophobic, White Nationalistic, POS, Etc. Our Country Was And Is. And Besides Wearing That Hat… That Teenager Committed A Face Crime Too!!!.

celeste barber fought backCeleste Barber fought back when Santa Barbara Community College (SBCC) banned the Pledge of Allegiance from its public meetings by reciting it at a meeting last week where she was mocked to the point of tears.

Watch: Protesters at California Community
College Mock Woman as She Recites Pledge of Allegiance

Breitbart·7 hours ago


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