It Would Not Raise Your Taxes It’s Just A “Fee” Not A “Tax”

Here’s what towns would pay for state police under Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposal: Use the database

Updated Feb 5, 5:33 PM; Posted 5:00 AM

By Wallace McKelvey |

Municipalities that currently rely on state police for full-time coverage would need to pay the state a per-resident fee for those services — as much as $166 for the largest communities — under Gov. Tom Wolf’s 2019 budget proposal.

The idea of charging towns for state police protection has been kicking around the statehouse for years. In 2017, the Wolf administration put forward a one-size-fits-all fee that drew the ire of many small, cash-strapped communities.

This time out, the governor replaced that idea with a sliding scale in which municipalities with fewer than 2,000 residents pay $8 per person and those with more than 20,000 must pay $166.

For an idea of what municipalities without a local police force would pay under Wolf’s proposal, use the database below.


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