Our Mothers And Daughters Should Be Included In The US Military Draft Rules Unelected Federal Judge

Congress does what to debate and go on record regarding these modern day messy issues. They would much prefer unelected federal judges decide issues of such import. Nothing we can do the court has spoken you know.

And these far reaching unilateral rulings allow our elected congressman and senators to focus on more pertinent issues such as dealing with the current epidemic of lynchings by designating lynching a federal “hate crime”. Thereafter when someone is lynched and it is subsequently discovered that the unfortunate individual was lynched due to being hated and falls into a federal protected class the lynchers can also be charged with a federal “hate crime” in addition to the lynching of course by the state or commonwealth where said lynching occurred.

Women should be included in US military draft, judge rules, after case brought by men’s rights group

Judge Gray Miller in the southern district of Texas said it was unconstitutional to only apply the draft to men, because women can now serve in combat roles too. The US military has not enforced …
Daily Telegraph|32 minutes ago

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