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How Tough Was It To Watch From Inside And Allow This

Anti-ICE protesters replace US flag with Mexican flag


Protesters Swarm ICE Facility, Tear Down American Flag

Anti-ICE protesters pull down American flag, raise Mexico flag, vandalize ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flag

By Danielle Wallace | Fox News

Authorities in Colorado restored an American flag to its place Friday evening after protesters demonstrating outside a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility pulled down the star-spangled banner and flew the flag of Mexico in its place.

The protesters also removed a “Blue Lives Matter” flag, honoring law enforcement, spray-painted it with the words “Abolish ICE,” then raised the flag upside-down, on a pole next to the the Mexican flag Continue reading

Just Not Fair That Those Who Choose To Enter Our Country Illegally Have Any Fears At All Of Being Deported

Cardinal Blase Cupich, the archbishop of Chicago, wrote a letter to Archdiocese priests this month saying, “Threats of broad enforcement actions by ICE are meant to terrorize communities.” He urged priests in the Archdiocese – which serves over 2 million Catholics – not to let any immigration officials into churches without identification or a warrant.

Few signs of expected mass immigration raids

CBS News|1 day ago

There were few reports of unusual activity by immigration agents. The New York Times said instead of one massive, simultaneous sweep, the operation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement …