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NJ Councilman and retired Jersey City police detective Mark Razzoli believes laws should be enforced and American’s safety should come first

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men. George Orwell

Old Bridge authorizes lawsuit against NJ directive limiting police cooperation with ICE

The 9th Circus Court of Appeals

Idaho governor balks after 9th Circuit puts state on hook for convict’s gender surgery

By Danielle Wallace, Published August 24, 2019 Fox News

Idaho’s Republican governor vowed Friday that his state would not pay for the gender reassignment surgery of a convicted sex offender after an appeals court ruled the state was responsible for providing the $20,000 to $30,000 procedure.

In its ruling, the court cited the Constitution’s Eighth Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment. Continue reading

PennDOT believes it can make the change without action by the General Assembly

Pennsylvania to become latest state offering gender-neutral IDs

Fox News|13 days ago
PHILADELPHIA – Last spring, Dexter Rose walked into a Philadelphia Driver and Photo License Center with a “Request for Gender Change” form. Handwritten on the form was a box with the single letter “X” scribbled in under gender. Rose, a social …

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We’ve Been Told Over And Over Again That Immigrants Legal And Illegal (AKA “Undocumented”) Are More Law-Abiding Than American Citizens At Least That’s What We’ve Been Told

Opinion: Washington Secrets

Justice: 64% of federal arrests are noncitizens, with a 200% increase

by Paul Bedard

August 22, 2019 10:07 AM

Federal arrests of noncitizens have jumped over 200% in the last 20 years and now account for 64% of those arrested, according to the Justice Department.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics said that federal arrests of non-Americans rose 234% from 1998-2018. For U.S. citizens, the percentage rose just 10% over those 20 years. Continue reading

Example Of The Dishonest Inflammatory Coverage Of A Police Shooting By The NYT


Even before The New York Times launched its “All Slavery, All the Time” project, no one could accuse that paper of skimping on its race coverage, particularly stories about black males killed by white(ish) police officers. Continue reading

Mob Rules

“If I was a police officer I probably would not be happy,” NYPD commissioner James O’Neill said.

NYPD Fires Officer Who Used Choke Hold on Eric Garner

National Review August 19, 2019

Jack Crowe

The officer who placed Eric Garner in a choke hold during a street arrest in 2014 that resulted in Garner’s death has been fired, NYPD commissioner James O’Neill announced Monday. Continue reading

How Low Can Politicians Go? The World May Never Know

Elizabeth Warren’s Racist Tweet

The [Obama and Holder] Justice Department said forensic evidence and other witnesses backed up the account of Officer Wilson, who said Mr. Brown fought with him, reached for his gun Continue reading

Police split over necessity of bringing registration stickers back to Pa. license plates

PA Reg. Sticker

The Patriot-News|16 hours ago
Police in Pennsylvania are divided as to whether registration stickers should be brought back to license plates. Rep. Barry Jozwiak, R-Berks County, said the elimination of stickers in early …

“Fast Eddie” Rendell’s Ex Finds More Rights For Illegal Aliens In Our U.S. Constitution

“If nothing is done about judicial supremacy, there won’t be a country left to fight for… Illegal aliens can sue our law enforcement, but we can’t sue them or protect our own legitimate rights in court. We are strangers in our own country.”

Lawless: Court rules that law enforcement CANNOT enforce immigration laws

Daniel Horowitz · August 2, 2019

Our laws were written in the most emphatic terms to ensure that those who entered illegally cannot remain in this country undetected. The purpose of those laws was precisely to detect illegal aliens and ensure that they are promptly removed from the country. Yet lower court judges, violating foundational Supreme Court case law, are flipping those laws upside down and are now making it unlawful to detect and deport illegal aliens. The latest Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruling is a great example of why no new laws will solve the problem if the executive branch will passively capitulate to lower courts subverting existing laws. The cycle will just continue.

On Wednesday, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that two Guatemalan illegal aliens could not be deported based on ICE finding out their unlawful status from a traffic stop initiated by a state trooper. Continue reading

“It is a racial group’s rate of violent crime that determines police shootings, not the race of the officer.”

Lying scumbag politicians and the hit and run media continue to repeat and perpetuate the dangerous “Cops Are Racisssst” lie. This is not only dangerous for the cops who work in the real world but also for the scumbag politician’s constituents who are living in the real world. These lies might help get votes and increase viewer ratings but they also can have other consequences that are deadly.

“The persistent belief that we are living through an epidemic of racially biased police shootings is a creation of selective reporting.”

There Is No Epidemic of Racist Police Shootings

By Heather Mac Donald July 31, 2019 1:54 PM

A new study debunks a common myth.

The Democratic presidential candidates have revived the anti-police rhetoric of the Obama years. Joe Biden’s criminal-justice plan promises that after his policing reforms, black mothers and fathers will no longer have to fear when their children “walk the streets of America” — the threat allegedly coming from cops, not gangbangers. President Barack Obama likewise claimed during the memorial for five Dallas police officers killed by a Black Lives Matter–inspired assassin in July 2016 that black parents were right to fear that their child could be killed by a police officer whenever he “walks out the door.” Continue reading