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PennDOT believes it can make the change without action by the General Assembly

Pennsylvania to become latest state offering gender-neutral IDs

Fox News|13 days ago
PHILADELPHIA – Last spring, Dexter Rose walked into a Philadelphia Driver and Photo License Center with a “Request for Gender Change” form. Handwritten on the form was a box with the single letter “X” scribbled in under gender. Rose, a social …

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We’ve Been Told Over And Over Again That Immigrants Legal And Illegal (AKA “Undocumented”) Are More Law-Abiding Than American Citizens At Least That’s What We’ve Been Told

Opinion: Washington Secrets

Justice: 64% of federal arrests are noncitizens, with a 200% increase

by Paul Bedard

August 22, 2019 10:07 AM

Federal arrests of noncitizens have jumped over 200% in the last 20 years and now account for 64% of those arrested, according to the Justice Department.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics said that federal arrests of non-Americans rose 234% from 1998-2018. For U.S. citizens, the percentage rose just 10% over those 20 years. Continue reading