PennDOT believes it can make the change without action by the General Assembly

Pennsylvania to become latest state offering gender-neutral IDs

Fox News|13 days ago
PHILADELPHIA – Last spring, Dexter Rose walked into a Philadelphia Driver and Photo License Center with a “Request for Gender Change” form. Handwritten on the form was a box with the single letter “X” scribbled in under gender. Rose, a social …

Three years ago, no one in the U.S. was legally recognized as neither male or female. Today, seven states and Washington D.C. allow people to change their gender without a doctor’s signature, and 13 states have a policy in place allowing drivers to obtain a gender-neutral marker on their driver’s licenses and identification cards.


According to Alexis Campbell, a spokesperson for PennDOT, the change comes in response to a growing number of residents asking for gender-neutral ID options and “national trends.”

In Pennsylvania, the Department of Transportation believes it can make the change without action by the General Assembly, said Campbell.


“Proponents of the legislation provide no answers to the many practical questions it raises,” said Michael Geer, president of the Pennsylvania Family Institute, in a statement. “If our state starts discarding biological sex from our identity documents, it will impact law enforcement, insurances, and medical care.”

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