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Will Maddon Move Back To His Beloved Hazleton And “Get On Board”?

“[The Hispanics are] going to save our town,” Maddon said of the newcomers to Hazleton. “You have two options right here. Either you get on board and help us as we’re moving this thing along or you’re going to die. And when you die and go away, then you’re going to get out of the way. You’re not going to be part of the problem anymore. So, it’s either help or die.” Chicago Cubs Ex-Manager Joe Maddon

Our View: Joe Maddon should apologize to Hazleton residents

August 7th, 2017 11:50 pm – updated: 6:35 pm.

“He’s full of himself,” said one senior citizen and lifelong Hazleton resident.

Another noted: “That was terrible. I hate him. I hope he doesn’t win one game.”

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Cubs part ways with manager Joe Maddon

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Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon watches the last out of an 8-6 victory Saturday over the host St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium. Before season finale Sunday, the Cubs announced they were …