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“Who will tell the victims’ stories on the Redemption tour?”

“Last year, US News and World Report ranked Pennsylvania 32nd among the states on overall quality of education. Yet that education problem is not Gov. Wolf’s highest priority. He’s focused on educating inmates, many of whom have committed heinous crimes, about being released from prison.”

Linda A. Kerns: On Lt. Gov. Fetterman’s Roadmap to Redemption tour, who speaks for the victims?

The Wolf administration is focused on educating inmates about being released from prison.
By Linda A. Kerns

December 9, 2019   https://broadandliberty.com

Cousins Sean Michael Kratz and Cosmo DiNardo are serving life sentences for their involvement in the brutal murders of four young men in bucolic Bucks County in 2017. Who exactly pulled the trigger in the deaths of Dean Finocchiaro, Thomas Meo, Mark Sturgis and Jimi T. Patrick will never be known with certainty — Kratz and DiNardo told conflicting stories. Nevertheless, loved ones of the victims should reasonably expect that life in prison means the two killers will die behind bars.

But this is Pennsylvania, home of criminal justice reform – a movement that tilts in favor of criminals rather than victims. Continue reading