Daily Archives: 1, January 27, 2020

American Kids Are OK But Illegal Alien Kids… They’re The Bestest

Why are American citizens nowadays routinely disparaged while foreigners are held up as virtuous by the DC overlords and the national hit & run media? How many politicians on the national level would claim that American children are better than foreign-born children or that [insert any country here] workers are lazy compared to American? Why is it OK for politicians to routinely disparage hard-working law-abiding  Americans?  Obviously they believe that praising foreigners and insulting Americans will further their careers. And that is a problem.

Coal-miner Joe Biden from Scranton, Pennsylvania:

“In many cases, they’re [illegal alien children are] more American than most Americans because they have done well in school.”

And American citizens should also thank illegal aliens as George W. Bush said:

“We [Americans] ought to say thank you and welcome them [illegal aliens].” For doing the “jobs that Americans won’t do.” Continue reading