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Pennsylvania “Criminal Justice Reform” Crusade Continues

He Helped Torture and Murder a Child, Now PA Dems Want Him Eligible for Parole

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. could open parole to 1,500+ violent offenders serving life sentences

Collin Anderson – January 9, 2020 5:00 AM

In August 1996, 13-year-old Richezza Williams was found dead in a Pennsylvania cemetery, her burned and beaten body dumped in a cardboard box after she was tortured with household items, including a heated clothes hanger, cleaning chemicals, and a turkey baster.

Corey Maeweather admitted to authorities that he participated in the brutal crime, appearing “void of emotion” in a video as he described the victim’s screams and cries for help. Maeweather said he was not directly involved in the young girl’s death, instead confessing to retrieving the torture devices for two co-conspirators. He pleaded guilty to criminal homicide and kidnapping and was sentenced to life without parole.

More than two decades later, top Democrats are seeking to ease the process for criminals like Maeweather to walk free. Continue reading

Hiring a twice convicted felon to the Board of Pardons “was just common sense” said, PA Lt. Gov. John Fetterman

Felon Brandon Flood, pardoned by Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf, was appointed to the Board of Pardons with an annual salary of $89,000.

Brandon J. Flood

Brandon J. Flood Secretary of the Board of Pardons readily admits most folks… will be shocked to learn of his past that includes boot camp for juvenile offenders, a physical scuffle with Harrisburg’s then-police chief, and finally felony convictions and two lengthy prison stints for dealing crack cocaine and carrying an unlicensed gun.

Pa. names new pardons chief as criminal justice reform becomes key issue in state Capitol

by Angela Couloumbis, Updated: April 8, 2019