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According to a document promoting the (New Way Forward Act), criminalizing illegal entry into America is “white supremacist.”

“The New Way Forward Act fundamentally inverts every assumption you have about America. Under this legislation, the criminals are the victims. Law enforcement is illegitimate. It’s racist, just like the country you live in, and the only solution is to get rid of both. America would be better off as a borderless rest area for the world’s worst predators and parasites.”

Tucker Carlson: Criminals would be protected from deportation under bill AOC and other House Democrats back

By Tucker Carlson | Fox News

At this moment there is a bill pending in Congress called the New Way Forward Act. It’s received almost no publicity, which is unfortunate as well as revealing. Continue reading

Enough! NYPD Declares “War” On Cop-Bashing Incompetent Hug-a-Thug Mayor Bill De Blasio

Bill de Blasio said he had warned his son, Dante, of “the dangers he may face” from officers of the law.

NYPD sergeants’ union ‘declares war’ on de Blasio after cop shootings

By Tamar Lapin February 9, 2020 | 9:09pm

The NYPD’s Sergeants Benevolent Association on Sunday said its members are declaring “war” on Mayor Bill de Blasio after a gunman tried to assassinate cops in two incidents Continue reading