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“Today, the hard-left shock troops who are ascendant in Democratic Party politics are fighting The War on Cops”

“[T]he left’s social-justice warriors have grasped that the control of prosecutorial power may be the most effective route to rapid societal transformation.”

A critical mass of people…  have bought into narratives about the racialist bias of law enforcement… These narratives are no longer up for debate in a growing number of cities where progressives dominate the political system, the media, and, increasingly, top-tier positions at law-enforcement agencies.”

The Progressive Prosecutor Project

How and why the nation’s crime busters are becoming criminal enablers

by Andrew McCarthy

A newly minted district attorney for a major American city vows to establish an immigration unit. At first blush, that would seem entirely normal for a prosecutor’s office. Immigration laws require enforcement, and prosecutors are in the law-enforcement business.

But no—the new San Francisco DA actually has in mind an immigration defense unit. He wants to assign a staff of prosecutors to protect undocumented aliens Continue reading