Unelected U.S. District Judge Gerald McHugh rules Fast Eddie can open his sanctuary drug house in South Philly

The Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police says the injection site would “endanger residents and beat-cops on the street.”

Opponents argue that they don’t want druggies hanging around in Philly neighborhoods, congregating near kids, schools, shops, and whatnot. They argue that these sites only encourage illicit drug use.

Bill McSwain, U.S. attorney for the eastern district of Pennsylvania, has vowed to appeal the court’s decision paving the way for the site to open its doors.

“What Safehouse proposes is a radical experiment that would invite thousands of people onto its property for the purpose of injecting illegal drugs,” McSwain said.

Fast Eddie Rendell explained to the South Philly unwashed who actually live in the neighborhood that “I think people misunderstand what Safehouse is. It’s a clean injection facility. We don’t handle narcotics. People have to bring their narcotics with them. We give them clean needles…”

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner and former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, who sits on Safehouse’s board, all support the proposed site.

Volunteers, including the former governor, are planning to escort users to the facility in order to shield those wanting to visit the site from protesters or potential law enforcement agents, similar to the model employed at Planned Parenthood locations.

You Blindsided Us’: Residents Outraged Over Safe Injection Site Being Put In South Philadelphia

Syndicated Local – CBS Philly 16 hrs ago

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — South Philadelphia residents are outraged after a federal judge cleared the way for a safe injection site in the city. The planned site is not where it was originally proposed and some of the neighbors from the new location are not happy.

Councilman Mark Squilla says the site will be at Constitution Health Plaza, near Broad and McKean Streets, in South Philadelphia.

During Wednesday’s contentious press conference, promised facts about the forthcoming opening of the city’s first injection site were overshadowed by a lot of back and forth between angry community members and the heads of nonprofit agency Safehouse, which is running the program on behalf of the City of Philadelphia.

“Where were you to tell us about what was going on? You were all silent and you were silent because you snuck it in. You blindsided us. So tell everybody in South Philly, generations of families who don’t leave, who have college degrees, who sit there and stay in their community, who raise our children there, because for you that’s the street you go down when you go to an Eagles game and a Sixers game. You don’t sit there and live in that community, you don’t walk on date night like my husband and I do to Passyunk Avenue,” one resident said during the press conference.

Residents were joined by local Councilman Kenyatta Johnson in saying they feel blindsided by today’s announcement, saying they were never told that the safe injection site would be put in their South Philadelphia neighborhood. They added no community meetings were held with a chance for residents to share their input.

Safehouse leaders said otherwise, stating City Council as a whole voted yes on approval of an eventual site.


On Tuesday night, U.S. Attorney William McSwain promised he will be evaluating “all options” should the city rush forward with the opening of this Safehouse site. He plans to continue fighting this opening in court.


The Fraternal Order of Police says the injection site would “endanger residents and beat-cops on the street.”

“Our officers are fundamentally opposed to the idea of normalizing illicit use of heroin and fentanyl that is ravaging our city. The proposed site would endanger residents and beat-cops on the street,” the FOP said. “We acknowledge the solution to ending the opioid crisis in Philadelphia is complicated, but condoning the use of illicit drugs is not the answer.”

The site could open as soon as next week.

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