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Rachel & PA Gov. Issues/Extends More Orders

All stay-at-home orders were extended through the end of April

Stay-home order extended to 33 Pa. counties to combat spread of coronavirus

By Jana Benscoter |

State officials added seven more counties to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s stay-at-home order Tuesday, which includes Cameron, Crawford, Forest, Franklin, Lawrence, Lebanon and Somerset counties.

Just about half of the commonwealth’s 67 counties are now under the directive Continue reading

$10 Chinese-Virus Epicenter to Philly

2020-03-30 Search Bus - GotoBus

Florida Gov. threatens Louisiana and New York residents with 60 days in jail if they “don’t self-quarantine”

State Securing The Border… No Not The Mexican US Border The Louisiana Florida Border

FHP Sets Up Checkpoint On I-10 To Enforce State COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Florida begins coronavirus checkpoints, threatens jail time for out-of-state travelers who don’t self-quarantine

By Danielle Wallace | Fox News

Florida, falling short of statewide lockdown, is now screening travelers from the New York City area and Louisiana “hotspots” both at highway roadblocks and at airports, threatening them with 60 days in jail if they don’t self-quarantine Continue reading

Governor Invokes Archaic States’ Rights

“I wouldn’t even believe it’s legal. You have a provision, states’ rights, interstate commerce, etc. so it’s a preposterous idea…” I don’t believe it’s legal. I think it would be economic chaos. I don’t think the American people would stand for it.” New York Governor commenting on the federal government contemplating quarantining parts of the Northeast Continue reading

More Orders From PA Gov As Buses From NYC Keep Rolling Into Pennsylvania

While 2.5 million Pennsylvania residents are under an order that restricts people from leaving home the Chinese coronavirus buses from New York City a.k.a. “Chinese coronavirus epicenter” to Pennsylvania keep rolling.

Screenshot_2020-03-28 Search Bus - GotoBus

Screenshot_2020-03-28 Search Bus - GotoBus(1)

Stay-at-home order expands as overflow facilities get ready

Marc Levy and Claudia Lauer, Associated Press / 4:59 pm PDT, Friday, March 27, 2020

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Gov. Tom Wolf put another 2.5 million Pennsylvania residents under an order that restricts people from leaving home Continue reading

Rhode Island State police have begun pulling over cars with New York state plates.


Rhode Island sending cops, National Guard to find New Yorkers seeking coronavirus refuge

March 28, 2020 | 12:12am | Updated

Any New Yorkers in there?

Rhode Island plans to send the National Guard out to knock door-to-door in an attempt to hunt down anyone who has arrived in the tiny state from New York City during the coronavirus pandemic. State police, meanwhile, have begun pulling over cars with New York state plates. Continue reading

NBA Social Justice Warriors Prove America Isn’t Fair

All Americans are equal but rich NBA players are more equal when it comes to health care.

NBA Social Justice Warriors prove that life isn’t always fair. Wealthy NBA players jumped the line to be tested while the tests for the Chinese virus were in short supply and very hard to obtain for an average American.

The entire traveling contingent of the Jazz organization was… tested,… The 58 tests reportedly exceeded half of the daily allotment for the entire state of Oklahoma.Screenshot_2020-03-25 Privileged

Police chief calls on Trump administration to prioritize coronavirus tests for first responders over NBA players

YAHOO!|2 days ago

A Bay Area police chief reportedly called on President Donald Trump’s administration to prioritize coronavirus testing for first responders over NBA players. Continue reading

$15 New York City to Hazleton, Pennsylvania

15 Hazleton to NYC

Hazleton officials exploring options to restrict shuttles to New York City

by: Andy Mehalshick

Posted: Mar 24, 2020 / 06:13 PM EDT / Updated: Mar 24, 2020 / 06:13 PM EDT

HAZLETON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) Hazleton city officials are expressing concerns today over people coming into the city from COVID-19 hotspots, namley, New York City. Continue reading

PA state police issue 27 warnings to businesses in defiance of Gov. Tom Wolf

If any business is suspected of disobeying Wolf’s orders authorities ask you “to call [your] local police department’s non-emergency phone number, or the nearest state police station.”

More than 2 dozen Pa. businesses receive warnings for not closing as ordered: state police

Penn Live|21 hours ago

Twenty-seven warnings were issued by Pennsylvania State Police to businesses that they say remained open in defiance of Gov. Tom Wolf’s order that “non-life-sustaining” enterprises close. The closure order, which police began enforcing Monday morning, Continue reading

Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine Chinese-virus Update March 22

Who Wouldn’t Be Proud?