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Philadelphia Police Suspend Arrests For Certain Felonies

Arrests Suspended for Burglary, Narcotics, Other ‘Low Level’ Offenses in Philadelphia

Townhall|11 hours ago

Police in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Tuesday suspended arrests for what they consider to be low-level offenses and violations late in the day. The Fraternal Order of Police announced that they would not be making arrests for vandalism, prostitution, narcotics offenses, burglary, theft, economic fraud, stolen cars, and outstanding bench …

New York Police Threaten To Arrest Patrons And Bar Owners For Failure To Obey

Cop basher de Blasio, who warned his son, Dante, of “the dangers he may face” from officers of the law, is now prepared to utilize officers of the law to arrest bar owners and patrons if they disobey his decree.

New York bar and restaurant owners could be arrested if they break New York coronavirus lockdown

The Sun|18 hours ago

BAR and restaurant owners in New York could be arrested if they break Mayor de Blasio’s strict coronavirus lockdown rules and open their doors to patrons. Continue reading