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No Journalists Allowed

There was a day when the free press would not stand for this. There was a day.Levine and Wolf

Governor Wolf devised a brilliant plan for not answering the thoughest questions while wielding unilateral powers heretofore unimagined. During Pennsylvania’s daily Chinese Wu-Flu death update, the health department’s director of communications asks the media’s submitted questions since reporters are banned from attending in person.

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The Most Powerful Man or Woman In Pennsylvania?

Dr. Rachel makes it official: Pennsylvania will have a “new normal.” although “it’s much too soon to decide what things will look like.”

Pa. will have a ‘new normal’ due to coronavirus but it’s unclear what that will be, health secretary says Continue reading

“The food supply chain is breaking.”

Might not receive as much news coverage as a lonely soul walking on a “closed” beach followed by a drone but if it breaks it will.

“The food supply chain is breaking,” wrote John H. Tyson, chairman of the company’s executive board. “We have a responsibility to feed our country. It is as essential as healthcare. This is a challenge that should not be ignored. Our plants must remain operational so that we can supply food to our families in America.”
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In today’s edition of Pennsylvania’s death count reading boys, girls and alphabet people, Dr.  Rachel demonstrates how to remove a mask and use hand sanitizer while the daring governor goes sans mask and sanitizer.

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“Great News”

Lycoming County has reverted back to zero deaths attributable to the Chinese Wu-Flu.

How many Pennsylvanians have tested positive and recovered or are asymptomatic?

In addition to retracting the two deaths listed for Lycoming County, another 268 deaths from elsewhere in the state have been retracted in recent days…

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Georgia Opens For Business

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How Accurate Are The Breathless Daily PA Death Tolls

After adding probable Wu-Flu deaths Tuesday, the Pennsylvania Health Secretary removed over 200 Thursday after questions arose regarding accuracy.

Franklin County Coroner Jeff Conner, for example, told PennLive Wednesday he’s had notice of four COVID-19 deaths with positive tests (only one of which was a Franklin resident), while the state’s count for Franklin County is at 10. Continue reading


It’s A Binary Choice Don’t You Know?

Chinese Wu-Flu Talking Points

Common COVID-19 Talking Points And What They Actually Mean

“You have a responsibility to me.” NY Gov.

Reporter: “Is there a fundamental right to work?”

Cuomo: “…you want to go to work? Go take a job as an essential worker.”

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“Our federal constitutional rights don’t go away in an emergency.”Attorney General Bill Barr 

Past time for the drunk on power governors, mayors and health care “experts” to sober up.

Barr: DOJ may side with citizens who sue states over ‘onerous’ coronavirus restrictions

By Ronn Blitzer | Fox News

Attorney General Bill Barr took a clear swipe Tuesday at state restrictions on citizens during the coronavirus pandemic, indicating not only that people could sue over measures that go too far but that the Justice Department could end up siding with them against the states. Continue reading