Pennsylvania business “special exemption” request will close today at 1700

On 20200403 at 1700 the application for Pennsylvania businesses to apply for an exemption to remain open will close. Any business not already exempted that misses the deadline shall remain closed until Dr. Rachel and the PA Gov. lets you open again. And when might that be? “So…” the exact date or on or about date will be decided in the near or not so near future in a couple of weeks or months or…?

Do face masks work? “So” you know… you pretty much have to know how to put one on for it to offer any protection at all and we realize very few people have training in face mask  application or for that matter washing hands. “So…” stay safe and sing Happy Birthday twice while washing your hands. And in tomorrows update along with how many people have died we will be offering more tips on how you should be interacting with your family plus ideas on how you can exercise to stay healthy.

April 3, 2020 at 1508 Update: Even without training PA Gov. says masks do work now.

PA Business Exemption Deadline Is Friday

Justin Heinze, Patch•April 2, 2020

PENNSYLVANIA — The deadline for Pennsylvania businesses to apply for an extension to stay open amid the coronavirus outbreak is coming up on Friday, April 3, state officials said.

While all “non life-sustaining” businesses were ordered to shut down, the state has allowed businesses that do not fall under that category to apply for a special exemption to remain open. It’s part of an effort to recognize a nuanced situation and keep the economy moving.

The application can be accessed by business owners online here. It will close at 5 p.m. Friday.


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