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NJ Gov. Offers Insight On His Thought Process Regarding Suspending Citizen’s Constitutional Rights

Tucker Carlson asked, “By what authority did you nullify the Bill of Rights… How do you have the power to do that?”

“I wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights when we did this.” New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Continue reading

Masks For All

Masks that didn’t work, then might work are so effective now that Dr. Rachel commands all Pennsylvanians must wear one.

Dr. Rachel also says you “people should not use a surgical mask or an N95 mask…’ We Stand American Flag Face Mask Bandanaand kids remember “A mask isn’t a pass to go back to work or to go visit friends, or to go out and socialize.

Guess it’s a good idea for 1,000s of people to wear masks.

Feb. 29, 2020

U.S. Surgeon General: “STOP BUYING MASKS!” Continue reading

China Wu-Flu Statistics

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” – Mark Twain

New York City “added more than 3,700 additional people who were presumed to have died of the coronavirus but had never tested positive.” Continue reading