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Report thy Neighbor

New York City in the year 2020

Call and report illegal aliens, i.e., those that are in our country illegally for anything and call them illegal aliens while having bad thoughts and face fines of up to $250,000 per offense.

Call and report your neighbor for standing too close together urges Cop-Bashing incompetent Hug-a-Thug NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio. Continue reading

Rally In Harrisburg Monday, April, 20 at Noon

Pennsylvania State Capitol

Thousands of protesters expected at Pennsylvania Capitol

Shannon Murphy Reporter

HARRISBURG, Pa. — 8:32 AM EDT Apr 20, 2020

Protesters who want Pennsylvania businesses to get back up and running and for the governor’s stay-at-home order to be lifted will make their voices heard at the state Capitol today. Continue reading

Life On The Streets In The Real World

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