Rally In Harrisburg Monday, April, 20 at Noon

Pennsylvania State Capitol

Thousands of protesters expected at Pennsylvania Capitol

Shannon Murphy Reporter

HARRISBURG, Pa. — 8:32 AM EDT Apr 20, 2020

Protesters who want Pennsylvania businesses to get back up and running and for the governor’s stay-at-home order to be lifted will make their voices heard at the state Capitol today.

The reopen protest is scheduled for noon. Protesters are expected to stay inside their cars for the demonstration. They’re calling on the governor and state lawmakers to safely reopen Pennsylvania by May 1.

Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine was asked specifically about the protest during her press conference on Sunday. She said as long as the protesters stay in their vehicles, social distance, and use hand sanitizer or wash their hands, she has no problems with them exercising their freedom of speech. If they don’t, she said she has serious concerns.

“There will be undiagnosed cases of COVID-19 perhaps in people who have no symptoms, some very, very early symptoms they will pass that virus on to others. Some of those people will get sick and I think that will be a shame,” Levine said.

Last week Gov. Tom Wolf did address his plan for reopening Pennsylvania with a three-stage approach. He said right now we are in the first stage of slowing the spread of the coronavirus and trying to take the pressure off the healthcare system.


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