Clueless, A Liar Or Both?

The current mayor of the largest city in America, who once warned his teenage son about the “the dangers he may face” from the police, is surprised that criminals released from jail to protect them from the chinese wu-flu have committed additional crimes upon their release.

The mayor of New York has revealed that he trained his mixed-race son to take “special de Blasio dantecare” when dealing with the police because America had a history of brutality against young black men.

De Blasio Acts Surprised Crimes Are Being Committed After He Emptied Jail Cells for COVID

By Grace Vuoto Published April 21, 2020 at 10:16am

In New York City, officials have set 1,400 criminals free before the end of their sentences in order to spare them exposure to the coronavirus spreading among inmates. Many of them have ended up back behind bars.

At least 50 of the released convicts committed crimes once again and have been returned to jail, the New York Post reported Sunday.

This wasn’t a big surprise to most people, but New York Mayor Bill de Blasio apparently didn’t see it coming.


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