Georgia Opens For Business

vulturesAs Georgia begins getting back to life, slip and fall lawyers are in queue.

Have trip and slip and fall lawyers been deemed essential in Georgia?

Over/under # of lawsuits filed against businesses that are still standing after the government mandated shutdown when they reopen? If big government does not indemnify businesses against the vultures; enjoy what might be your last meal at your favorite restaurant.

As Georgia reopens nail and hair salons, lawyers say companies may be putting themselves at riskYAHOO!|April 24, 2020

As several states move to reopen businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic, lawyers say some establishments may be putting themselves at risk.


Richard Dreitzer, an employment attorney at Fennemore Craig in Las Vegas, tells Yahoo Life that concern is warranted. “You have to liken it to a slip and fall. If you own a restaurant and someone slips on your premises, are you liable for their injury?”


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