How Accurate Are The Breathless Daily PA Death Tolls

After adding probable Wu-Flu deaths Tuesday, the Pennsylvania Health Secretary removed over 200 Thursday after questions arose regarding accuracy.

Franklin County Coroner Jeff Conner, for example, told PennLive Wednesday he’s had notice of four COVID-19 deaths with positive tests (only one of which was a Franklin resident), while the state’s count for Franklin County is at 10. “True numbers are important to know where we really stand,” Conner said. “When it comes to regional reopening it matters a lot if we are one (death) or ten. One would we were in fair shape. Ten might give them a reason to not allow this area to open.”

“I don’t know where they (the health department) are getting their information.” Pennsylvania State Coroners Association, President Charles E. Kiessling Jr.

Coroners ‘frustrated’ with state’s case reporting / April 23, 2020

The state Department of Health has reported that two COVID-19 deaths occurred this week in Lycoming County, but that was news to county Coroner Charles E. Kiessling Jr.

“As far as I’m concerned, we have had no COVID-19 deaths in the county,” Kiessling said late Tuesday afternoon.

“I don’t know where they (the health department) are getting their information. You will have to ask them. They have not reported anything to me,” he said.

Kiessling, who is head of the Pennsylvania State Coroners Association, said he and many coroners throughout the commonwealth put little faith in the actual numbers the health department gives out daily on the number of COVID-19 death cases.

“This has been a major frustration of mine from the start of this pandemic,” Kiessling said, adding that in many cases, the coroners are not involved in the reporting process at all.


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