The Most Powerful Man or Woman In Pennsylvania?

Dr. Rachel makes it official: Pennsylvania will have a “new normal.” although “it’s much too soon to decide what things will look like.”

Pa. will have a ‘new normal’ due to coronavirus but it’s unclear what that will be, health secretary says

Updated Apr 25, 12:42 PM; Posted Apr 25, 11:45 AM

By Ron Southwick |

Pennsylvania Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine said the state will move to “a new normal” due to the coronavirus but it’s difficult to say what that will be.

Pennsylvania remains under a statewide stay-at-home order, but Gov. Tom Wolf said this week he plan to ease some restrictions next month. In a news conference Saturday, Levine was asked what other activities may be allowed in the summer.

“It’s much too soon to decide what things will look like in the middle of the summer,” Levine said.

The health secretary was asked if she could predict what once-normal activities like going to restaurants or carnivals would look like in the future.

Levine said it isn’t easy to speculate, but she said, “I think that it will be a new normal.” She said Pennsylvanians are resilient and will meet the challenges ahead.

She was asked how many tests the state will need to successfully reopen Pennsylvania. She didn’t offer a specific number but said more tests are needed.


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