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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania May 2020

...welcome to Philadelphia

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Arrests made in ongoing George Floyd protests in Philadelphia, sources say Continue reading

Tom Wolf’s New Normal

Pennsylvania’s nursing home deaths are far higher than comparable states. As for how this came about, the report pointed directly to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s health secretary, Dr. Rachel Levine

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Pennsylvania’s Nursing Home COVID-19 Scandal

Misgendering” proves to be more “insulting” than the callous decisions that hugely increased deaths in nursing homes.

by Paul Kengor

Americans are well aware of the nursing home scandal in New York, where Gov. Andrew Cuomo allowed overflow COVID-19 patients to be sent to the worst possible place. Naturally, this had the effect of seeding outbreaks in New York nursing homes, many of which were subsequently ravaged. And when the angry Cuomo is asked about it, he does what he does best — he lashes out at whoever asks the question.

Well, it looks like New York may not be alone. The same thing might have happened next door in Pennsylvania, and perhaps worse. Pennsylvania has over 70,000 cases of COVID-19, with roughly 5,400 deaths. Of these fatalities, a staggering 70 percent (my last count) are in nursing homes. In some counties, the percentages are even higher. Continue reading

“Who you gonna believe?

Who you gonna believe the national Hit & Run media or your lying eyes?

When Do You Hold Your Ground?

3rd Police Precinct in Minneapolis Falls Mob Torches

Minneapolis police station burning

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, a 38-year-old civil rights lawyer, was the one who made the decision to have officers surrender the 3rd Precinct.

The 3rd Police Precinct in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was set on fire Thursday evening after police evacuated the building… Continue reading

Wolf Announces How Pennsylvanians Are To Live In His Green Zone

No Standing In Bars In Wolf’s Green Zone.


Gov. Wolf issues green phase order, dining, pro sports guidance

Bar seating may be used if customers are seated and comply with social distancing, and standing will not be permitted. A maximum of four customers with a common relationship may sit together at the bar while adhering to social distancing.
Require all customers to wear masks while entering, exiting, or otherwise traveling throughout the restaurant or retail food service business.

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“Everything is broken into but the stores in the apartment building where residents, owners and volunteers kept guard”

No reports of anyone breaking into the library.


While On Break Minneapolis “Protesters” Stop By A Target To Get Their Free Stuff

Facts Not To Be Discussed On The Levine & Wolf Show

Just your daily death count best guess and hand washing instructions during the Levine & Wolf Show. While regularly appearing on the Levine & Wolf Show, “Wolf has not held a live, face-to-face (socially distanced, of course) public press availability since March 13″. Continue reading