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“…life in the yellow zone…”

Who will be allowed out of into the Twilight ZoneYellow Zone“?

Dr. Rachel

“We’ll have more information about life in the yellow zone, so to speak, tomorrow.”   Dr. Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania Health Secretary Continue reading

Pennsylvanians Argue “stay-at-home orders” Violated The 1st, 5th & 14th Amendments

Alito orders Pennsylvania to respond in case asking Supreme Court to halt enforcement of stay-at-home order

By Tyler Olson | Fox News

Justice Samuel Alito this week ordered the Pennsylvania government to respond to arguments from a variety of Pennsylvanians asking the Supreme Court to halt enforcement of Gov. Tom Wolf’s strict stay-at-home order, aimed at fighting the coronavirus, because they say it is unconstitutional. Continue reading

Coming To An American City Near You

“Not thinking of us Vets that had to put up with that for months,” one man wrote on the mayor’s Facebook page. “Now we have to listen to this in our own back yard. Better hope the VA opens the doors for walk in treatment.” Continue reading