“…life in the yellow zone…”

Who will be allowed out of into the Twilight ZoneYellow Zone“?

Dr. Rachel

“We’ll have more information about life in the yellow zone, so to speak, tomorrow.”   Dr. Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania Health Secretary

wolftom 040920

State reopening plan due Friday

Tom Ridge color code

Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge explains the color codes. Orange means the muslim call to prayer was heard in Minneapolis, MN.

Ridge also defended the claim that wrapping your house in plastic sheeting with duct tape might protect your family from the Chinese Wu-Flu. When asked by a journalist, who had snuck into the daily briefing, is there any verifiable granular data to support such a claim? Ridge snapped, “Is there any granular data that supports social-distancing is effective?” Shortly thereafter the journalist was removed from the briefing.


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