Be Prepared For The Beach Just In Case

Be prepared for the beach in case you are allowed on one this summer.


Tucker Carlson: Our Leaders Have No Intention Of Abiding By Restrictions They Impose On Americans

RealClearPolitics|22 hours ago

On Saturday, former President Barack Obama went golfing at the Robert Trent Jones country club in suburban Virginia. He’s a member there. Obama was driven to the course about 40 miles from his house in the District of Columbia by a government chauffeur.

Barack Obama Goes Golfing at Country Club the Day After Michelle Urged African Americans to Stay Home

Apr 29, 2020

obama golfing


‘I didn’t get any sun’: Photos show Chris Christie lounging on state beach he closed in government shutdown

Jul 3, 2017


But there was one New Jerseyan who enjoyed the sand on Sunday — Republican Gov. Chris Christie.

When Island Beach State Park closed in the shutdown, he and his family enjoyed the empty beach outside the state-owned summer house of the governor.


At a press conference afterward, Christie was asked if he enjoyed the beach on Sunday.

“I didn’t,” he said. “I didn’t get any sun today.”

When posted the photos, the governor’s spokesman, Brian Murray, had to clarify that Christie was, in fact, at the beach.

“He did not get any sun,” Murray said. “He had a baseball hat on.”


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